Secret Places


Kinsman Public Library,  6420 Church St. Kinsman, OH.(turn to west at red brick church)  Has a museum in the basement(handicapped accessible) features local history, miniature steam engine train

Kettle Hole  Located across street from Kinsman Public Library, church St. Kinsman, OH.  A fine example of a kettle hole, it was formed by glaciers and is almost a perfect bowl.

Public Wildlife Areas in Kinsman  Look for the W on the map. One is 1.5 west on 87.  These are open to public with parking.  They were established for hunting and trails will be rough in the summer.  Rt 88 in Vernon to the east has good parking and access to the stream and wildlife area.  This is undeveloped, but is public land.  Tell your politician to open this area for canoeing, etc.

Octogon House Main St. Kinsman   Boyhood home of Clarence Darrow.  Now a private residence. Stop and take a picture.  The house was also in an episode of Rt.66 TV show


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